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Sustainable Tourism

The Elk Refuge Inn is committed to providing great customer service and quality accommodation whilst striving to achieve complete environmental, financial and social sustainability helping to preserve our delicate ecosystem for future generations. Our commitment extends to every aspect of our operation. Our executive management team works closely with The Riverwind Foundation to implement best practices, monitor and review environmental initiatives which improve our sustainability performance.

The Elk Refuge Inn is dedicated to our guests and staff to exceed expectations in all areas of hospitality. Our goal is to make a positive impact on our community, environment, and our guests. The Elk Refuge Inn is a RRR Business Leader with acknowledgment for our policies for reducing, reusing, and recycling. The Elk Refuge Inn is also participating in the Sustainable Tourism movement with daily practices of a sustainable business. 

We encourage all of our guests and employees to take part in our sustainability efforts.  We welcome any and all feedback about our efforts.

Our policy for commitment to sustainable tourism includes these goals and associated policies:

  • Minimizing our waste production and reusing materials wherever possible by:
    • Ensuring our landscaping company composts all organic landscape waste
    • Recycling all glass, plastic, cardboard, and paper produced by the business and encouraging our guests to use the recycling bins provided throughout the property through signage in guest rooms and dialogue in guest welcome books.
    • Evaluating all new processes to ensure minimal waste production.
    • Repurposing items wherever possible

 Maintaining a minimal level of carbon emissions and maximizing efficiency wherever possible by:

    • Replacing lighting energy efficient LED lighting throughout the property where possible as part of an already existing initiative
    • Installing and replacing appliances with Energy Star Certified ones at end of life
    • Utilizing new technologies to reduce energy consumption
    • Benchmarking and monitoring energy usage on a monthly basis
    • Encouraging guests to turn off/down heating and cooling, turn of lights, televisions and other electronic devices when guest rooms are not occupied through signage and dialogue in guest welcome books
    • Committing to purchase 10% Green Energy based on previous years average monthly usage
    • Making it standard procedure to turn off equipment and lighting when not in use.
    • Using timers on exterior lighting to coincide with hours of darkness.

 Conserving water and ensuring our operation causes no contamination in the environment by:

    • Installing and replacing toilets with dual flush water saving toilets at the end of life
    • Working with cleaning products that are manufactured without using persistent or bioaccumulative materials and are designed to minimize water and energy use.
    • Benchmarking and monitoring water usage on a monthly basis
    • Giving guests an option to have their towels, bedding etc. laundered as required.
    • Ensuring all new products or materials used around the hotel are, where ever possible, natural based and not artificial so that the impact of their use is minimal or non-existent.
    • Using stored rainwater to water outdoor planters
    • Only purchasing and offering guest amenities that contain no parabens, dyes or synthetics and fair trade.
  • As a business we continue to monitor and improve our sustainability with these operational policies:
    • Sourcing consumable paper products with recycled paper content
    • Employing persons living in the local area wherever possible.
    • Giving preference to products and services of local origin wherever possible.
    • Providing our employees with the training and resources required to meet our sustainability objectives.
    • Supporting local community groups and environmental conservation efforts.
    • Openly communicating our sustainability policies and practices to guests, interested parties, employees and the community.
    • Strive to purchase only products that are sustainably produced
    • Minimizing the risk of emergency situations by following a maintenance program
  • Constantly reviewing our operations to ensure that best practice is maintained in all aspects of the business at all times.
  • Promote eco-tourism awareness within our national parks and forests
  • Working with others in the tourism industry to achieve wider environmental awareness and stronger sustainability efforts.
  • Working with community planning groups
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